I sat down. It's better

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had exactly one sip. Me is in it too

struck. "Chutzpah - flush foreign vodka - I was thinking.

- And even no muscle on his face does not move. Whence

is he come from? "

Kirill offered me to get comfortable on

tree trunk lying on the ground, which is now replaced

all of us bench. I sat down. It's better than a night

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However, in order

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C o m p e n r y th e t a b e t o p and n n n and m with me!

Breathing during childbirth

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Simultaneously with the relaxation technique in anesthesia and facilitate childbirth plays an important role and proper breathing. So breathe during labor you will, depending on the features of the occurrence of future births, their preferences and needs oxygen. However, in order to control your breathing, it is advisable to learn a few useful tricks.

Train breath better in special groups under the supervision of obstetricians and gynecologists. Practice shows that women are more likely to absorb as recommended techniques and that these skills allow them to reduce pain during childbirth.

There are three basic types of controlled breathing during labor: a slow, easy (fast) and variable (transient). You can use all three methods of breathing, if they help you relax and get enough oxygen, and how to behave during intense contractions.

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Parsley and dill

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Method of preparation

Onions and carrots clean, wash and finely chop. Parsley and dill Wash and chop.

Rinse rabbit meat, cut into pieces of 50-70 g, salt and pepper and fry in fat until golden brown, then pour a little water, add the bay leaf, peppercorns, onion, carrots and simmer over medium heat for 20 minutes. Then put the cream and bring the dish over low heat.

Meat, onions and carrots to put in a dish, pour the remaining sauce from quenching, sprinkle with parsley and dill and serve. Rabbit meat stewed with carrots and cabbage

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X l e b n w h e n s n th n of d with

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x l e b n w h e n s n th n of d with y w e n d n s - 1 l o m m and k;

h and d s e l e n d s - 200 m l.

P e r c e a n o m: m and n and l - 100 g.

In a m p H and

1st breakfast:

- Oatmeal - 200 g;

t of s t - 1 w t.;

in a r e n s e - 30 g;

to o ^ e with m o l o o m - 200 m l.

- 2nd s and t and p to:

- Salad (tomato, cucumber, parsley and dill oil

vegetable) - 200 g;

x l e b n w h e n s n th n of d with y w e n d n s - 1 l o m m and k;

h and d s e l e n d s - 200 m l.

About b e d:

with yn about a ra n of th with p and c o m - 250 m l;

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Mother noticed

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my resulted: "Well, it is necessary that all spilled."

Seeing that the baby follows directions, woman

cleaned their hands: "Now Slay water." Boy priests

talsya put the pot on the floor, but my mother asked

its container to take your left hand and right-hand drain

water, so as a kid - the right-hander, "Okay. Put

hand on the lever. My mother also does so after the "pee-pee. '"

Mickey confidently took the lever. He many times ve

Affairs, as his family members poured water. He easily

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Regular workdays in the office

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Adrenaline is produced not only in combat or while exercising extreme sports. Regular workdays in the office or in the factory are also full of a variety of stress - as a result, we have office romances.

Quite famous psychological state "Stockholm Syndrome", when the hostages take the side of those who hold them - is also jokes adrenaline. Boys and girls who scream of fear somewhere on park rides,

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does not realize that not only entertain, but strengthen the attachment to each other.

I will add that adrenaline can not enter the blood constantly - otherwise we'd burned due to the constant mobilization of body reserves, and if adrenaline is not completed realization that the danger had passed and we coped with it, we would have remained in a state of constant depression. Feeling safe overcome danger, and does not itself release adrenaline as such and want to experience the so-called "adrenalinschiki." "Adrenalinschikov" really worth to be called "endorfinschikami" because for the blissful feeling of relaxation after danger meet endorphins - a kind of drugs produced in the human body. As a result of their action man after undergoing danger happily excited ("like a drunk"), and they are guilty of that affection, which arose in moments of danger, is amplified to the degree of "can not live without him / her."

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