My concern (and care

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of b u and I and n e s t e r and I - w e n u and n and with n and m

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. It may be that for some of the ways you have contraindications, but under the same conditions you have to ask what type of anesthesia you prefer. And it is better if you will think about this question in advance not to twitch frantically trying to figure out something at the last moment. Talk to your doctor, family, friends.

Personally, I once chose the first way, reasoning that since I can not participate in the birth of my child, then attend this simply must. To my surprise, later discovered that this operation, I kept mostly pleasant memories. Of course, without the unpleasant side has not done: lie on a hard board table was not very comfortable, and the catheter was injected with a dropper not very good, the fingers on his hand went numb. Читать полностью -->

We can be happy, not only

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attention and sympathy. In fact, they do not realize that

is not twenty-minute pain and pain for several hours (until

days), and it is much stronger and longer the sun and

being enhanced to determined nnogo stages. They will never

do not understand! But they are not to blame: so arranged in

nature, that women give birth, and men only help

conceive! In my opinion, the nature of them just laughed, she

they simply do not awarded what has awarded us women. We

can be happy, not only from the fact that able to conceive

and make a of the child, but also because we,

mother first m ber on hand just born child,

we were the first see it, hear his first cry,

our emotions - it's the most candid, most


I do not know how women have previously given birth, but now,

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Speech Development

Should encourage language development of children through training movements of the fingers. It can begin at the age of 6-7 months: here including massage hands and each finger, each of his phalanx. Stroking and kneading is performed daily for 2-3 minutes.

Already ten-age conduct active exercises for fingers, involving the movement of the thumb with sufficient amplitude. Exercises are selected age-appropriate. So kids can give to roll fingers wooden beads of different diameters. Involve in motion all the fingers. Читать полностью -->

Cholesterol is vital

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Fats your body needed, but let their stock is not updated due to swine or mutton fat. Do not think that I deny the nutritional value of bacon or barbecue, but their digestion takes too much effort and energy, and they need you now for another.

Go to the vegetable oil and butter. They contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals are well absorbed and serve you good material to produce the desired cholesterol now.

- How? - You exclaim in horror. - Cholesterol - it's very bad!

Not always. Cholesterol is vital to the body: the building blocks of cells, the insulating material to the nervous tissue and part of certain hormones. Now all that you need a lot.

Note also that some adware application sunflower oil producers "Not soderzhitholesterina" while it is true in fact, but it is absurd. Читать полностью -->

The center

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slightly disagree (discrepancy greater than 1 cm is considered a complication). Nothing surprising when labor begins, the bones and ligaments move apart, increasing the volume of pelvic to the child could get.

Your appearance changes: the pelvis becomes wider, while expanding and chest, rib arc lifted, sternum moves away from the spine - as already mentioned, your lungs will not have enough volume, and it will be compensated by the expansion of the chest.

The center of gravity also changes: head and shoulders deviate back, lumbar bending spine reinforced to compensate for the growing belly. Changes simultaneously gait (often called a duck gait).

And once again remind you of the need not to forget that the body gets more calcium: osteoporosis (softening of bones) - a very unpleasant disease.

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Child should sleep

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Daylight - the best coverage for a child's room. If it is not enough, you should consider adding artificial lighting, but try to remove from a child's room fixtures on unstable legs and loosely hanging wires. At night, many children like to sleep with the light of the weak nightlight - it has a calming effect. Child should sleep in the quietest room of the apartment.

Bed for baby

Best place to buy a crib made of solid wood, with at least two provisions of the mattress. If one wall falls, fixings should be durable and safe for the baby. Wheels and any swing system should be removed (deactivated). Читать полностью -->

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