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After of as you walked on all points, you feel like all your body is relaxed, it was warm and heavy. Comes very pleasant feeling rest as as if you slowly floating on the soft clouds on Skies and sun warms all your body and gives him strength and energy. No nor fatigue, no worries ...

Many sleep already in the middle exercise, some remain in the half asleep, pleasant condition, some retained absolutely clear head. But in All these states occurs colossal energy makeup of an organism. 15 minutes like exercise equal 2-3 hours of deep sleep. The secret of this effect very simple: any mental load, stress, anxiety cause muscle tension. Читать полностью -->

Ask your child to move

Let him wear panties and quickly pass to another

part of the house, where you begin to exercise again.

Learning to go to the potty after the "accident":

A. Learn a baby quickly approach the pot

Child should complete the entire sequence

steps about ten times. Twice he has to start

from the place where there was a "failure" to re

play situation, completing its positive action

Corollary. Subsequent training should begin

smiling in the most distant parts of the room and even an apartment,

kid learned to come to the pot of Ljubo

th place in your home.

Ask your child to move very quickly on

walking to the pot, as well as put on and removed

panties. Explain to your child that he should do

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The most active of these

Lowering drugs cholesterol, inhibit the absorption of fat and can reduce the absorption of calciferol.

Taking drugs vitamin D, you need to ensure that the diet was rich in foods containing calcium.

Similar effect and receive the majority of laxatives. Vitamin D increases calcium absorption in the intestine, thus reducing the absorption of iron.

Vitamin D increases the absorption of magnesium. For better absorption and metabolism of calciferol body requires additional vitamin E.

Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate)

To this group belong unsaturated alcohols-tocopherols. The most active of these is alpha-tocopherol.

Vitamin E is considered the most important vitamin during pregnancy, because without it, it is impossible to carry and give birth to a healthy baby. It participates in the development of the placenta. In addition, it normalizes blood clotting and circulation, prevents the formation of blood clots, improves tissue regeneration, accelerates the healing of wounds, scars, surgical sutures, which is especially important for women who undergo episiotomy or cesarean section. Читать полностью -->

When one of the following

When one of the following symptoms should seek immediate medical attention or call "ambulance". Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy any time:

in the p and n n e a r about to and to p o in o t h e n e m o w e r b s t s p r and s n and m to about with a m o p q r s and about in about l n o r o in s and to Keldysh and,

to p o in o t o h a o f r o p o l and p and w e and k and u t to u in n e m a t o h n o th b e r e m e n n o s t and p e s o u and l and p and w and to th e k and

u t to u;

in about in to r o n th o l o n e a and b e r e m e n t a n o and p o in o t h e n e m o w e r b s t s p r and s n and m to about about h e n s I t w e l of th

n a t o l o r and r p o s i u e n e d t about l to about z d Borovskii s w, n o and w and s and n u t e p and b e p e n to a.

Severe headaches - especially dangerous if they are combined with the swelling of limbs, impaired vision (weakening, misting, flies flashing before your eyes).

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Ointment "Bepanten" - lubricate

Zelenka (For processing pupochka in liquid as for scratches and

t. g. - Pencil "Lekker").

Hlorofillipt (Lubricate pimples, inflammation, enhance in

Foot at bathing).

Permanganic acid - Bathing child in first days after hospital.

Ointment "Bepanten" - lubricate cracks, irritation, dry skin.

Ointment "Dropalen" - in case irritation, prickly heat, diaper rash.

Zinc pasta - Wonderful fighting with potnichkoy.

Tincture Calendula / ointment calendula - Lubricate scratches, irritation.

"Fenistil" gel - From allergic skin manifestations bites insects.

Ointment "Rescue" - bruises, burns, scrapes, bites and t. g.

Ointment "Arnica" - bruises, hematomas and bruises.

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Method of preparation

2 radishes, 100 grams of cooked meat, 1 onion, 60 g shelled walnuts, 100 g of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, salt to taste.

Method of preparation

Radish Wash, peel, grate. Onions clean, wash, chop and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.

Boiled meat cut into cubes. Walnuts fry in a pan (without oil), then chop.

Radish mixed with meat, onions and walnuts, salt, put in a dish, season with mayonnaise and serve. Appetizer of radish with pistachios


3-4 radishes, 100 g peeled pistachios, salt to taste.

Method of preparation

Radish Wash, peel, grate, pour over boiling water, recline in a colander, cool and add salt. Pistachio kernel mince, mix with radish, lay heaped on the plate and serve.

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Image Vitamin B promotes

With a lack of vitamin B mother can develop disorders of the nervous (polyneuritis) and digestive (constipation) systems. With a very large deficiency in the newborn child may so-called symptoms of the disease beriberi (paralysis

limbs, muscle atrophy).

Vitamin found in brewer's yeast, sprouted grains, rye and wheat bread, liver, kidneys, milk, egg yolks, nuts. Destroyed when cooked, but only slightly.

Daily requirement - at least 10-20 mg. The risk of overdose is not installed.


Vitamin B promotes normal growth and development of the child, provides a good vision is important for iron metabolism and normal liver function. Its deficiency can cause susceptibility to acute respiratory infections and inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in children. The mother may manifest conjunctivitis or blepharitis.

If you have cracks in the corners of the mouth (perleches) - is also a lack of vitamin B.

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