She looked at Lena

My neighbor was that young girl who

demanded anesthesiologist. Nurses carefully tumbleweed

me on my bed, which was stiff and uncomfortable,

and told to rest in bed for four hours, and then slowly

rise and pacing.

It took just under two hours, as my neighbor

spoke to me: "The nightmare that I cried so! Sun

anesthesiologist calling! Shame, now I realize it, and then

Sun was not care! "neighbor named Lena, she had lifted

and, half-sitting, located on the bed. In the door walked

woman and offered to eat rice porridge milk. I

immediately agreed, stomach growling. She looked at

Lena and said, "You can have a little walk, only

Do not forget: you sit on the priest can not be exactly the seams

diverge ". My neighbor got up cautiously, walked

the room, went to the sink, water obmyla face.

I wanted to sleep, but sleep would not take it, then I just

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But she was not offended, On the contrary, saying

for six, plus water, plus the placenta ... Lena told

she has been a daughter, whose half years old. Her husband

resides in the mission, so with her children

will help mom and sister. Well, when there who


I was lying less than a week in the House of pathology, all

this time spoke with Nastia as she loved

talk, and my bed was closest to her. At night I

times its wake, as Nastyuha when overturned on

back in the dream begins to snore. But she was not offended,

On the contrary, saying that I forced her night

roll on the flank. Читать полностью -->

As a result

It is possible that the need for caesarean section is found already in the delivery room, so just in case you do not interfere in advance consider this option and mentally prepare for it.

If you consent and the operation was planned in advance, it will, most likely, in time delivery, with the onset of labor. Before elective Caesarean section performed a full preoperative preparation includes a full examination, expert advice and prevention of obstetric complications. As a result of this training risk for mother and baby is markedly reduced.

Possible that the doctors and mother, adjusted for natural childbirth, but do not exclude the possibility of having to resort to surgery. In this case, be subject to the same preoperative preparation.

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Already not necessary

already not necessary тепло , не нужна еда , эти инстинкты вытеснены сейчас слепым , выматывающим страхом . И you already not be able to calm down , even if now fit mom , because that for own cry , you do not hear its voice ... All your little reserve forces out in cry , in the void , in meaninglessness ... And in which - is moment this the stock is emptied completely , and you fall through in sleep . Not gradually , but instantly . Cause that on nosedive tantrums included protective forces of the organism , which literally " turn off " the baby , otherwise fragile body just not stand such embezzlement . Читать полностью -->

Once inside, I saw five

temperature and pressure filled me a map of the patient,

specifying a certain number of questions. Head Nurse

famously picked up my bags and rushed to the second floor

hospital. She told me to change into a robe and slippers yet

below, and then go upstairs and go to the post where

I meet.

Ward Number five was located on the right side

corridor. Once inside, I saw five metal

Beds: two located on the left side of the door, three

on the right, and stood in the middle of the couch. Girls in the House

were very young. I asked: "Where free

place? At the window or on the couch? "One maiden with irony

said: "Well, if you have an abortion, then on the couch! And if

persist, then won on that bed by the window! "

On the couch every day lozhili two or three women,

wanting to do abortions. Читать полностью -->

Now you should

And n and h e d u m and w, with n and h and R H and a to z of about p and with a l a b l e n y y and in a n e p o l y t h and i, e s l o n and l o w and t e r i d o m with

with o th e b o t u to Mr. and y and b y d e t e n o m y n n o t s and r l i e s c a r s in n e e, h and t and I ld y p r o w a n n e s and Dr. Mr. and m

If you are alone, primarily read this section carefully and try to understand the basic principle of relaxation, not particularly trying to remember techniques. Sit back and try to embody the principle of relaxation in life. Take your time. Читать полностью -->

Pumping is necessary


. Still in the hospital to ask how to care for your child:

how to properly feed, as well

applied to the chest, how to express milk as

wash ...

. Wash your breasts just before feeding

baby and immediately after pumping.

. Pumping is necessary to ensure that milk is not

stagnated, respectively, do not burn, and in

prevent mastitis.

. Mother's breast milk to ripen for six hours. Child

in the first two months of life, the need to feed a maximum

after three hours, setting mode, alternating chest. Читать полностью -->

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