If a child sucks

Almost all children unconsciously make certain gestures when they want to eat, sleep, etc. Try to remember them and satisfy the desire of the child before he burst into tears.

Importantly, never let your child scream until exhaustion.

If a child sucks a finger

Almost all the children from time to time suck their thumbs in the first year of life. Most doctors agree that this behavioral trait inherent in a certain age, disappears after the baby gets older, and should not try to wean him from thumb sucking, until he was 4 years old.

Very few children suck thumb for emotional support, and then consultation with a psychologist will help the child.

However, my mother should make sure that the child is breastfed, sucks his thumb, not in order to compensate for the lack of pleasure derived from suckling, if the child wants to nurse a little longer at each feeding, let him (he does not get too much milk because at this point the chest is almost empty).

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M n o r o, fo r s t y l and m and p la n n and I s p o t a b a and b about

m n o r o,

fo r s t y l and m and p la n n and I s p o t a b a and b about l w e r o l to about ch e s t c a m o l o to a to o d e a otal

n e d o s t a t o h n o,

fo r p r o f and l and m to m and k and l o h o n s x to p and s and about in the (n and p m e i s t r y a n d th e n with in s p a b o t o th to

m o l o to a at and in a b y d e t with in about th e n b l o s h o th H W)

fo r a l o p m e n y p e b e n k a, k o d e a u t s o u t in d and t n a r a b o r y and l and m l of y h e a t i and s

d o m a.

Need to decant until the breasts are not done easily, milk stops beating streams. Until the last drop is impossible to decant: production of milk is endless.

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These combinations

Color clothes on Feng Shui

Pregnant woman is useful to know as it may affect the color of clothes on her health and on the process of carrying your baby.

According to the principles of feng shui, each of the five elements has its own color.

Red is considered the most powerful in feng shui. A symbol of passion, strength, Fire.

Orange color refers to the element of Fire. Designers often use this color to create models of children's clothing, because it has beneficial effects on the child's psyche.

White color is best suited for people belonging to the metal element.

Black color - a symbol of Water - goes well with white, green, gold and silver. These combinations may be used in the clothes people Wood, Metal and Water.

Blue and blue - the colors of the water, they are favorable for the people element of wood, Metal and Water.

Green and yellow - the colors of the trees. But their beneficial properties of a feng shui master and also recommend the use of the people of Fire and Water.

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If the cause

If the cause of diaper dermatitis always obvious (untimely diaper change), in respect of dermatitis allergic not immediately able to find the cause.

Diapers and allergic dermatitis

To train on a b e p e n to a h and t and I, n o p q of n and m p e r s o m e t h e n about to about to p and n with n e n t i n a and m. n.

Example and e t o m p o in o d o in d l i in about n s and n to about in e n and i n e l e n o n h o r o d e p m and m and m and n e

n a b l u e a l o a s. In n o d and I hereby o f m b o l s h i n e s t a l a y h a e a p e s h i d e a m o n t a c t a n o m

and L Wechsler g and h e s a m o d e r m a t t e, o b y s l o s s n n o m m e n and n o p q r y o n s and to about m. C o n d o b i and

s and t y and u and I used to s h n o l a y h a s t i n o s l e t o r o, to a to n and p e b e n k e b s l and with n s t a n n o s in th

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Vitamin A deficiency

Now consider the more vitamins. First not only in alphabetical order, but also the importance of this is terrible, but this essential vitamin A.

In addition to poisoning, an excess of vitamin A during pregnancy can lead to some congenital deformities of the child. However, it also causes a lack of fetal growth retardation, and subsequently leads to diseases of the eye, liver, intestines, propensity to respiratory infections. Vitamin A deficiency is manifested in the so-called "night blindness", the appearance of acne pustules. The skin becomes dry, and if you felt his elbow, find sort of rough spot.

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Cucumbers stuffed

Cucumber halves together, tie thread, put in a deep pan, pour a little water, add vegetable oil, mayonnaise and tomato paste and simmer for 5-7 minutes.

Cucumbers out onto a plate, pour the remaining sauce from the quenching and serve.

Cucumbers stuffed with meat


5-6 cucumbers, 150 grams of cooked chicken meat, 1 onion, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 tablespoon tomato paste, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, pepper and salt to taste.

Method of preparation

Wash cucumbers, cut in half lengthwise, remove the seeds and pulp, salt and pepper and leave for 20 minutes.

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How many words do you recall? Reward

37 Game 8 Game 8 Before you start the game, learn to draw crosses quickly. So let's start ... Do not forget that the crosses should be more than words, and in your disposal for 3-4 seconds on every word. Memorize the words - and Draw crosses: tiger purse grapes snowman bridge cactus ball

38 15-30 - 10 points. Recall and record WORDS Rate your answer. How many words do you recall? Reward points: How many crosses you drew? (Bear in mind that the wrong-nari concerted crosses are not counted.) Less 5 words - 3 points 5-6 words - 7 points All words correctly OK - 15 points All words but confused order - 10 points 10-15 - 3 points. Читать полностью -->

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