Also recorded

and p and x and - 6.6;

to a to a to - a d o w to about - 6.37;

with e m e n a n d o l o n a h e H and a - 5.29;

I s to s in g on x and I y - 4.80;

THEOREM x and to e d p o s e a - 4.28;

THEOREM x and g r e n c and e - 2.73;

a and p and q n s - 1.40;

I fi nd a - 1.10;

and y and z and p - 0.74;

to y to y p y and z - 0.48;

h e r n o s l and - 0.46;

m o l o to about 1% - th n o w o n and p and s t - 0.39;

l have to s e l e n d s - 0.39;

p e d and c - 0.30.

On zinc deficiency in the body may indicate increased susceptibility to infections, the appearance of spots on the skin of the feet. Also recorded impaired sense of taste and appetite loss, against this background - rapid weight gain and hair loss. Lack of this trace element can trigger preeclampsia maternal and developmental abnormalities in the fetus.

Excess zinc typically excreted. In some cases, may experience symptoms of intoxication, but they quickly pass.


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