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Color clothes on Feng Shui

Pregnant woman is useful to know as it may affect the color of clothes on her health and on the process of carrying your baby.

According to the principles of feng shui, each of the five elements has its own color.

Red is considered the most powerful in feng shui. A symbol of passion, strength, Fire.

Orange color refers to the element of Fire. Designers often use this color to create models of children's clothing, because it has beneficial effects on the child's psyche.

White color is best suited for people belonging to the metal element.

Black color - a symbol of Water - goes well with white, green, gold and silver. These combinations may be used in the clothes people Wood, Metal and Water.

Blue and blue - the colors of the water, they are favorable for the people element of wood, Metal and Water.

Green and yellow - the colors of the trees. But their beneficial properties of a feng shui master and also recommend the use of the people of Fire and Water.


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