How many words do you recall? Reward

37 Game 8 Game 8 Before you start the game, learn to draw crosses quickly. So let's start ... Do not forget that the crosses should be more than words, and in your disposal for 3-4 seconds on every word. Memorize the words - and Draw crosses: tiger purse grapes snowman bridge cactus ball

38 15-30 - 10 points. Recall and record WORDS Rate your answer. How many words do you recall? Reward points: How many crosses you drew? (Bear in mind that the wrong-nari concerted crosses are not counted.) Less 5 words - 3 points 5-6 words - 7 points All words correctly OK - 15 points All words but confused order - 10 points 10-15 - 3 points. More than 30 - 15 points. Gather points for memorizing words and reward points. My Points for the first 7 words in the 8th game


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