She looked at Lena

My neighbor was that young girl who

demanded anesthesiologist. Nurses carefully tumbleweed

me on my bed, which was stiff and uncomfortable,

and told to rest in bed for four hours, and then slowly

rise and pacing.

It took just under two hours, as my neighbor

spoke to me: "The nightmare that I cried so! Sun

anesthesiologist calling! Shame, now I realize it, and then

Sun was not care! "neighbor named Lena, she had lifted

and, half-sitting, located on the bed. In the door walked

woman and offered to eat rice porridge milk. I

immediately agreed, stomach growling. She looked at

Lena and said, "You can have a little walk, only

Do not forget: you sit on the priest can not be exactly the seams

diverge ". My neighbor got up cautiously, walked

the room, went to the sink, water obmyla face.

I wanted to sleep, but sleep would not take it, then I just


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