But she was not offended, On the contrary, saying

for six, plus water, plus the placenta ... Lena told

she has been a daughter, whose half years old. Her husband

resides in the mission, so with her children

will help mom and sister. Well, when there who


I was lying less than a week in the House of pathology, all

this time spoke with Nastia as she loved

talk, and my bed was closest to her. At night I

times its wake, as Nastyuha when overturned on

back in the dream begins to snore. But she was not offended,

On the contrary, saying that I forced her night

roll on the flank. It was Monday, when the doctor,

leading our ward invited me at the next inspection.

On inspection, I was begrudgingly, since the last time

after she polazila inside your fingers at me

terribly sick underbelly and began bloody discharge.


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