пути древа жизни Baby

Already not necessary

already not necessary тепло , не нужна еда , эти инстинкты вытеснены сейчас слепым , выматывающим страхом . И you already not be able to calm down , even if now fit mom , because that for own cry , you do not hear its voice ... All your little reserve forces out in cry , in the void , in meaninglessness ... And in which - is moment this the stock is emptied completely , and you fall through in sleep . Not gradually , but instantly . Cause that on nosedive tantrums included protective forces of the organism , which literally " turn off " the baby , otherwise fragile body just not stand such embezzlement . child sleeps , very deep ... But now in its little psyche appeared scar , which - attention ! - never , you know , never out not disappear ! Impressive ? beg you , never not attempt apply these cruel methods . Friendly in circus trained humane ...


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