Once inside, I saw five

temperature and pressure filled me a map of the patient,

specifying a certain number of questions. Head Nurse

famously picked up my bags and rushed to the second floor

hospital. She told me to change into a robe and slippers yet

below, and then go upstairs and go to the post where

I meet.

Ward Number five was located on the right side

corridor. Once inside, I saw five metal

Beds: two located on the left side of the door, three

on the right, and stood in the middle of the couch. Girls in the House

were very young. I asked: "Where free

place? At the window or on the couch? "One maiden with irony

said: "Well, if you have an abortion, then on the couch! And if

persist, then won on that bed by the window! "

On the couch every day lozhili two or three women,

wanting to do abortions. Some of them, still under


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