Vitamin A (retinol) This

During pregnancy, a woman needs a few large doses of vitamins than usual.

Vitamin A (retinol)

This vitamin is fat-soluble. Relevance to several compounds similar in composition:

- Retinol, also sometimes referred to as vitamin A1 akseroftol or A alcohol;

d e d and e p r o p e and n o l and l and a and m and m and n A 2;

p e r n a l and s and l and a and m and m and n A - A L d e d and e and l and p e t e n and n;

- Retinolevaya acid, also referred to as vitamin A

acid, etc.

Also there is a huge group of carotenoids - pigments of yellow, red or orange, which are contained in some plants and under the influence of which the body is


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