My concern (and care

of b u and I and n e s t e r and I - w e n u and n and with n and m

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. It may be that for some of the ways you have contraindications, but under the same conditions you have to ask what type of anesthesia you prefer. And it is better if you will think about this question in advance not to twitch frantically trying to figure out something at the last moment. Talk to your doctor, family, friends.

Personally, I once chose the first way, reasoning that since I can not participate in the birth of my child, then attend this simply must. To my surprise, later discovered that this operation, I kept mostly pleasant memories. Of course, without the unpleasant side has not done: lie on a hard board table was not very comfortable, and the catheter was injected with a dropper not very good, the fingers on his hand went numb. The very posture in which I remained, did not have the facilities to: lying on the table as the crucified, on one hand drip, on the other - the cuff sphygmomanometer. After some time I lay there under the drip, the doctors came and bend the wheel back to the anesthesiologist could inject anesthetic turned existent pleasure. Anesthesia was launched even before I laid back. I demonstrated that I do not just do not feel down, but still do not feel pain. Doctors shut out from me shirmochka posed at chest level, and what happened there in shirmochka, I have not seen. My concern (and care to look after me cheerful girl) was not to fall asleep during surgery. I just waited and listened to what was happening around. It was a beautiful summer sunny day, the windows operating fluttering leaves huge trees rustled in the street tire cars. Sometimes she would ask me about anything, checking whether I was asleep. I curtly replied, because many say it turned tricky (in the process of "speaking" involved including abdominal muscles, but they were stunned anesthesia).


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