We can be happy, not only

attention and sympathy. In fact, they do not realize that

is not twenty-minute pain and pain for several hours (until

days), and it is much stronger and longer the sun and

being enhanced to determined nnogo stages. They will never

do not understand! But they are not to blame: so arranged in

nature, that women give birth, and men only help

conceive! In my opinion, the nature of them just laughed, she

they simply do not awarded what has awarded us women. We

can be happy, not only from the fact that able to conceive

and make a of the child, but also because we,

mother first m ber on hand just born child,

we were the first see it, hear his first cry,

our emotions - it's the most candid, most


I do not know how women have previously given birth, but now,


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