Cholesterol is vital

Fats your body needed, but let their stock is not updated due to swine or mutton fat. Do not think that I deny the nutritional value of bacon or barbecue, but their digestion takes too much effort and energy, and they need you now for another.

Go to the vegetable oil and butter. They contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals are well absorbed and serve you good material to produce the desired cholesterol now.

- How? - You exclaim in horror. - Cholesterol - it's very bad!

Not always. Cholesterol is vital to the body: the building blocks of cells, the insulating material to the nervous tissue and part of certain hormones. Now all that you need a lot.

Note also that some adware application sunflower oil producers "Not soderzhitholesterina" while it is true in fact, but it is absurd. Cholesterol - products of animal origin, and in vegetable oil it just can not be. A cholesterol, which is found in animal fats - is also not the cholesterol, which then will act in your body. Entering the digestive tract splits cholesterol along with all other substances, and your body then joins the existing "parts" on its own "drawings."


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