But was podzhenishnik

sat the guy at the wedding converged Marina, she

sitting beside her. In the back seat was a young man with

curly hair and light eyes. I was offered

sit down at the back. I asked where we were going, and got

Frankly about childbirth

Why does everyone, not me.

response that someone's apartment there, but only after

bagged in the store. There also will approach and younger.

Five-room apartment was in a new house. Elevator

not begin to work, so on the seventh floor raised

walk together the whole company. Newlyweds new there was not, and

of the evening they have not appeared. But was podzhenishnik

and podnevestnitsa. Laid the table. On Mr. m was vodka,

soda, hydrochloric ITATION pickles, sausage. I do not vodka


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