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After of as you walked on all points, you feel like all your body is relaxed, it was warm and heavy. Comes very pleasant feeling rest as as if you slowly floating on the soft clouds on Skies and sun warms all your body and gives him strength and energy. No nor fatigue, no worries ...

Many sleep already in the middle exercise, some remain in the half asleep, pleasant condition, some retained absolutely clear head. But in All these states occurs colossal energy makeup of an organism. 15 minutes like exercise equal 2-3 hours of deep sleep. The secret of this effect very simple: any mental load, stress, anxiety cause muscle tension. We are his practically not notice, but here you a little test: right now Feel their shoulders, and now to exhale try their relax. You can see that they have fallen? And now imagine, in which the clamped state they are staying all day. And so occurs literally with each muscle your body. A tense body not gives relax and head. Vicious circle where his constituents, feeding friend other lead man to chronic fatigue and insomnia. A at young Moms superimposed


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