Mother noticed

my resulted: "Well, it is necessary that all spilled."

Seeing that the baby follows directions, woman

cleaned their hands: "Now Slay water." Boy priests

talsya put the pot on the floor, but my mother asked

its container to take your left hand and right-hand drain

water, so as a kid - the right-hander, "Okay. Put

hand on the lever. My mother also does so after the "pee-pee. '"

Mickey confidently took the lever. He many times ve

Affairs, as his family members poured water. He easily

got to put pressure on the lever. Mother noticed that

he liked to pour water, probably due to spe

cific sound. "Now, Bring the pot back."

And again, she accompanied the baby all the way, that

would prevent him just leave the container where no-

be on the way. When he got to the chair-pot


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