I could not this

twenty were first cries for help. It requested

lead anesthesiologist that she did analgesic. I

could not this Sun see so often took in

corridor, to distract and to quickly time has passed.

My stomach became the most grab more and more painful. But I

could not, and did not want to show his slack,

so silent.

"Well, call the anesthesiologist, please! - Required

girl. - You're hurting me! ". And the more held

time, the louder she screamed and cried. Читать полностью -->

If you problems

before your eyes.

Questions and Answers

Before you start learning to read at

Doing following questions and answer them. If you

problems arise, do not start until Others

are melting this book again.

. Q: Which room is best used for training


A: The kitchen, if possible.

. Q: Do I have to watching us friends

or family members?

A. No.

. Q: Do I need to be strict?

A. Читать полностью -->

Look data about how good

For Winter mothers who choose stroller: note that Twin front Wheel have wont become cluttered snow.

Car Seat

group 0 - weight child to 10 kg (Before 9-12 months).

group 0 + - weight child to 13 kg (Before 12-15 months).

group 0 + and 1 - weight child to 18 kg (Before 4 years).

Not save on Buying car seats. Look data about how good Liked you model themselves showed at crash - tests. Not Remember buy on window machinery protection from sun.

Other necessary trivia

Necessarily buy small container to garbage and put on Changing table. Then you not have think where throw the used cotton wand or napkin.

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He must like

one and the same time appears next, etc. Others packed bundle and are raised by one. There are also a coiled coil wipes (sold in round boxes) that break on the perforated line. It is not very convenient, since the two have to tear cloth hands, which you need to let go of the child.

In addition to objective criteria, there is another - emotional, which play a role in your final choice: the smell wipes his each brand. He must like you because they will subtly smell leather and toddler clothing.

If you have a child temperature

One of the most frequent reasons for treatment to a pediatrician is a high temperature (hyperthermia). This symptom occurs when many, most of all infectious diseases. Читать полностью -->

Help her. " After


"When making a doll" pee-pee "in her panties, she had

potty train. Will you help

to her? "Mickey said he would help. Then ask your mom

la doll take it quickly to the pot, remove her briefs

ki, for a moment to put her on the potty, put on panties

and take to the place where it happened "accident".

Mrs. James son gave the necessary instructions

and directed it. Toddler "workout" doll three

times, and my mother kept saying, "Mickey cookies

les need to practice quickly. Help her. Читать полностью -->

Also recorded

and p and x and - 6.6;

to a to a to - a d o w to about - 6.37;

with e m e n a n d o l o n a h e H and a - 5.29;

I s to s in g on x and I y - 4.80;

THEOREM x and to e d p o s e a - 4.28;

THEOREM x and g r e n c and e - 2.73;

a and p and q n s - 1.40;

I fi nd a - 1.10;

and y and z and p - 0.74;

to y to y p y and z - 0.48;

h e r n o s l and - 0.46;

m o l o to about 1% - th n o w o n and p and s t - 0.39;

l have to s e l e n d s - 0.39;

p e d and c - 0.30.

On zinc deficiency in the body may indicate increased susceptibility to infections, the appearance of spots on the skin of the feet. Also recorded impaired sense of taste and appetite loss, against this background - rapid weight gain and hair loss. Lack of this trace element can trigger preeclampsia maternal and developmental abnormalities in the fetus.

Excess zinc typically excreted. In some cases, may experience symptoms of intoxication, but they quickly pass.

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C o l d n and to: w s e and s s m e l i n and k, and - 100 g; in a t r y and w to with

C o l d n and to:

w s e and s s m e l i n and k, and - 100 g;

in a t r y and w to with PROOF p o d o m - 1 w t.;

m o l o to about - 200 m l.

U w and n:

to about t l e t a (f a r w r on in and I'll show u, x b l e m o l o to o p e n t h a s d l y k) - 200 g;

- vegetable stew (potatoes, onions, carrots, peas, parsley and dill, vegetable oil) - 200 g;

x l e b p and w n o d - 1 l o m m and k;

h and d with m o l o o m - 200 m l.

P i n t and n and

1st breakfast:

- semolina porridge - 200 g;

to about t l e t a (f a r w h e n e h n o n s u, x b l e m o l o to o p e n t h a s d l y k) - 200 g ;

to o ^ e with about with l and a m and - 200 m l.

2 - th s and t and p to:

b y t e r b r o d (x b l e b e l s y, t h e a n and a, c s p, s e l e n s e n ??t r y and w to) - 2 w t.;

m and n d a l s - t w 6-8.;

h and d with l and m o n o m - 200 m l.

. . Читать полностью -->

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